Good News

2015-03-21 17:31:11 by Dangerice

I've been Watching a Lot of Anime Lately.....More in Particular....Dragonball Z......I've seen a Lot of Good Stuff in the Past Couple Weeks, and I'm Glad to Announce that I'm Going to be Making a Solo DBZ Animation! I Thought of the Idea of it a while ago, but Now I've Finally Decided to Implement it into an Animation! It will probably be Fairly Long, so No Promises, but it will Probably be Out By Early June! There is Something Else I Thought I'd say.....I'm Participating in the 2015 Stencyl Jam! Though I'm Not Very Good at Working with Stencyl, I Thought I'd Take a Chance and Draw the Whole Thing Out. It will Not be Very Long, though. Since the Time I have is Only About 50 Days, I've Decided Only to Make 5 Levels......Though I May Expand Upon it Later. I was Hoping to get Some Help with the Project, but I have a Feeling I May have to do Everything on My Own. But I will, however, Post Something on the Game Forums to See if Someone is Willing to Help Me Out with the Program 1 on 1. Anyhow, I will still Try to Post at Least one Piece of Art a Week, and Look Forward to what Anyone has to Say......


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2015-03-22 15:13:46

dbz hell yeah!