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Wow. It's Nice to See Something New from You After so Long. I can Really Appreciate the Accuracy of these Lasers.......Very Fluent and Well Animated. Good Job Man.

kalabor106 responds:

Yeah I've been dragging my feet on animation lately. i think Ive caught a lazy bug. Hehehe. Thanks for the review man.

Pretty Close, Actually.

Hey, Not Bad! Work on it, you'll get there, Bud.

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It Looks Great and All....But it's Definitely Incomplete....I'd be Willing to Help You with this if You'd Like....I Think You're a Pretty Good Artist, and that this could be Even Better if it were Complete.

This is a Pretty Good Game. Yes, there are Definitely a Few Errors Here and there, but I Overall Liked what You did with this. I would Like to See More Stuff Like this from You. I Actually Enjoyed Playing this a Lot, Despite the Obvious Glitches. Great Job.

jowiebowie responds:

Thanks I will try to work more into detail in the game. I will keep everything updated

Good Job. I Know I didn't really get to Contribute Much During the Development (Other than Wishing You Good Luck and Such), but this Turned Out to be a Really Great Game! It Starts Off a Little Slow, but Slowly gets Interesting, as You Fight for Your Life and Try to Survive! It's a Very Well Developed Game, and I would Gladly Play it Again. Best of Luck in the Competition!

Megacharlie159 responds:

Thanks dude :)

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Thanks for Posting this. I'll Definitely Ask You to Do All the Music for the Actual Animation. I'll Start on it as soon as I get My Computer Shipped Up.

This Song is Actually Pretty Damn Good.....I can Tell that it Took You a while, and the Actual Theme of the Song is Expressed Nicely.....I Know You've been through a Lot of Frustration Lately, but just Push and get through it! It'll End Eventually......Anyway, Nice Song! Keep 'Em Coming! (Hey, Not a Goldfinger Cover this Time! :D )

Hey! This is Actually Pretty Good! Keep Working on it and Maybe Cut Out some of the Guitar, and you'll have a Real Piece of Work here Man!

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This is EXCELLENT! You captured Annihilation's character impeccably. The shading is phenomenal. Also, I really like the background you chose. It fits in very well with the story I have planned for this character. Great job, man! :D

kalabor106 responds:

Was hoping you would like it.

It looks great. I really like the variety of colors you used. The trees in the background look great as well. The eel in the pond is a little bit hard to make out as far as details, but I appreciate the story that this illustration tells. Well done!

It looks great! It looks more realistic than anything I've seen you make before. Keep it up! :D

IceBurger responds:

Thanks man.
Looks like we all making a bit of progress huh.

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