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2015-03-25 20:18:43 by Dangerice

I've been Talking to some Other People, and have Decided Not to Make a Game with Stencyl......I still Plan on Using this Character in a Future Game I Make, but it will have to Wait. More Recently, I've been Talking to Another Fairly-Well Known Game Creator, and have Decided to Draw some Art for Something he's Working on right Now.....I still Plan on Making My Dragonball Z Animation, but it May Take a Little Longer than I Originally Expected.....It will be More Relevant Later in 2015 Anyhow. I want People to Request Art of Characters in the Next Few Months, so if You Ask for One, I will Definitely Make it to the Best of My Ability.....Just gonna Keep on Improving for Now.....More Updates Coming Soon! So Stay Tuned for that.....


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