Animation and Success....

2015-05-16 22:36:45 by Dangerice

I've been Searching Around Newgrounds for Hours Now......And I Hate to Say it....But I see Artists on here that are Able to Make Whole Animation in Only 8 Hours......8 HOURS! I Feel so Useless.....I was Able to Finish a Decent Storyboard for My Pre-Animation, but I still haven't Added the Audio or Even Worked on the Animation itself. I Feel Like a Waste of Space. There are So Many Better People Out there. I've been Trying to Improve on My Skill, but just can't Find the Energy to Finish a Project. You will be getting the Trailer for My Newest Animation, but the Actual Animation itself will Take Months! I will be Releasing it in a 3 Part Movie. I will Sadly, however be Gone for the Summer, and will Not be Able to Animate. I want to Make something Worthwhile During that Time, so I'm going to Practice My Art, and Hopefully I'll be Good Enough to Post Something that Someone Thinks is Even Decent....


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2015-05-16 23:59:19

dont be sad you are cool

(Updated ) Dangerice responds:

Thanks.....Let Me Know when You get More Art Out, Okay?


2015-05-17 18:26:05

why dont you just watch me

Dangerice responds: