2 Month Leave

2015-05-20 19:38:26 by Dangerice

I've been Knowing for a while to Make this Post, but just haven't gotten Around to it. So I just Thought I'd Let Any Fans Out there Know that I'm Leaving to go to Iowa in 1 Week (May 27th), and I won't be Returning until August 4th. During said Time, I will Sadly Not be Able to Animate (My Parents Over there are quite Strict, they won't even Allow Me to Use My Phone, let Alone My Computer). I will However be Improving My Skill. I will Try to Take at Least 30 Minutes a Day to Draw some DBZ Concept Art. This will Not Only Help Improve My Style but it'll Allow for the Time to Perfect Techniques I was Never Able to Properly Use Up to this Point. I Know some of You Guys would Like for Me to Pop Out Part 1 Immediately, but it's gonna have to Wait. This is Probably My Last Chance to See My Brother Before he goes Away for 2 Years. I Will, however, Post Up the Trailer for said Animation Before I Leave. Right Now, a Rough Animation is Done. Now All I have to Do is Focus on getting a Finer Looking Version Finished, and Coloring it Up. I May End Up going Too Detailed with it, so I May Expend More Time than I have. I will still Post it Up, Incomplete or Not. But Not to get Ahead of Myself, I will Try My Best with the Time I have. Thank You for Your Patience. Saskae Out.


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