Back Home to Iowa

2015-08-05 07:35:36 by Dangerice

I'm Back, but I won't really have any time to Socialize (Not Like Any of that happens Anyway....). Dang Man....I Tried Out for a DBZ Animation VA Part and got it, but the Guy Decided to Change Voice Actors on Me. It's Okay though. I Forgive him. I've Decided to put Out a VA Audition out there for Everyone to See. Maybe then I'll have Better Luck with Things Like these.....Also, I'll be Starting Resurrection of N's Development (As Soon as I see the Freaking Movie), so Look Forward to that. I am Now Dangerice. Yeah!


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2015-09-15 20:18:02

Tobi!!!! This Vegito/Cell the leader of DragonSqaudZ please respond to me! We've been worried about you please respond!!