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Good News

2015-03-21 17:31:11 by Dangerice

I've been Watching a Lot of Anime Lately.....More in Particular....Dragonball Z......I've seen a Lot of Good Stuff in the Past Couple Weeks, and I'm Glad to Announce that I'm Going to be Making a Solo DBZ Animation! I Thought of the Idea of it a while ago, but Now I've Finally Decided to Implement it into an Animation! It will probably be Fairly Long, so No Promises, but it will Probably be Out By Early June! There is Something Else I Thought I'd say.....I'm Participating in the 2015 Stencyl Jam! Though I'm Not Very Good at Working with Stencyl, I Thought I'd Take a Chance and Draw the Whole Thing Out. It will Not be Very Long, though. Since the Time I have is Only About 50 Days, I've Decided Only to Make 5 Levels......Though I May Expand Upon it Later. I was Hoping to get Some Help with the Project, but I have a Feeling I May have to do Everything on My Own. But I will, however, Post Something on the Game Forums to See if Someone is Willing to Help Me Out with the Program 1 on 1. Anyhow, I will still Try to Post at Least one Piece of Art a Week, and Look Forward to what Anyone has to Say......

More Art

2015-03-18 00:06:04 by Dangerice

I am Working on a Few Pieces, but Work has been getting in the Way though. I did however Manage to Finish one Piece, and am Currently Working on Another Picture I was Commissioned to Draw. I may Only have one More Drawing this Week, but I am Sure to be Making More and More Content as it comes. I will Start on an Animation I've been Plotting for a while Mid-April.


2015-03-08 21:58:13 by Dangerice

NAH! Just Kiddin. Sonic Inflation was Inspiring, but I have No way of Making Anything Near as Great as that. Maybe if I find a Programmer I'll Make a Game.....But I really wanna Make an Animation......

How to put this

2015-03-08 18:44:21 by Dangerice

I'm going to be Making More Art, and I should have 2-3 New Pieces Coming Out this Week, but I'm still Not Ready to Make Another Animation yet. I've seen some Pretty good Stuff Recently, but Nothing too Inspiring yet. But I do Know that the Next Animation I Make is gonna be Anime Related. It'll be About one of the Animes I'm Currently Watching, but I don't feel Up to it just yet......Maybe sometime in the Coming Weeks..........

A Note for Future Reference

2015-02-22 02:27:38 by Dangerice

Well, Stuff has been happening, and I've been Taking My Time with some Things......I Know that I said the Collaboration would be Out soon, but I stand Corrected....I have Finished My Part (Except to Add the Audio and Background My Buddy Drew), but a Few Others have Not....So the Collab is on Hiatus. For Now. In the Mean Time, I've been Rotating Back and Forth Between Work and School and Excercise, but Finally I believe I've found the Time and Energy to do Something for My People (the 2 Fans I have Lool).....I have set Aside some Time to Draw some Artwork for you All to See.....As of Current, I'm Working on 3 Pieces, and have 1 Already Posted......Now, my Art May Not be the Greatest right Now.....But Maybe 6 Months from Now, I'll be Up there with the Legends Like Iceburger and Kalabor106.....But Yeah. Let Me Know if you Want Me to Draw you Something.....Cuz it's Good Practice for Me, and Free for You!

Welcome to My Page

2015-01-15 17:46:35 by Dangerice

I haven't Posted Anything on Newgrounds yet, and this Account is Fairly New, but I've been Working on Something for About a Month Now with Another Artist Named Kalabor106. It's an Action Collaboration (Kalaboration haha), and it's a Culmination of Seperate Action Sequences from Video Games. I've been Working on it, and it's Looking Pretty Good so far. But anyhow, Welcome to My Page. I'm going to be Making some Animations in the Months to Come, so Stay Tuned. Thanks for Reading. And don't Forget to Comment if you'd Like to Know Anything About My Work.